Meet our Coaches

Team founder and 8 time marathon winner

Coach Caleb Masland

Back in 2006 I was at the point where I couldn't run at all without pain. I knew I needed a reset and had surgery for an ACL reconstruction surgery. It took 6 months of a long rehab process but I began to run again. I had to start slow though. I ran my 2nd Marathon failing to hit my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon I knew I needed a change.

I was frustrated with the repetitive and formulaic training options available at the time, so I decided to start writing my own training plans based on what I had learned through experience and studying some of the best contemporary coaches. The team started small with just family and friends, eventually, the demand for training plans grew as my athletes saw success at all distances.

I turned coaching into a full-time job in 2013. Since then I have seen the TWB community grow into what it is today. A group of athletes all around the world who support one another as they all train for their own goals. As a coach it is my goal to help each runner get the most out of their body while enjoying the process of training. Whether you are looking to run a 5k for the first time, or striving toward the Olympic Trials, I'd love to hear from you if you want to take your running to the next level.

Expert coach and 3 time Olympic trials qualifier

Expert coach and 3 time Olympic trials qualifier

Coach Johnny Crain

 I fell in love with running and coaching after running under Half of Fame coach Al Carius, whose cross country teams have reached the podium at National 41 out of the last 46 years, and have a combined 29 National titles. Despite their success, Al never talked about trophies or how fast someone ran. He cared about building winners in life through the values learned in our sport. His slogan "Run for Fun and Personal Bests" Still heavily influences me as an athlete and as a coach.

Being a Private coach has allowed me to really focus in on that Mantra, helping someone reach their Personal Bests. I pour myself into my coaching to help athletes achieve their goals no matter what they are because pushing your personal limits is the greatest achievement in running, and it's available to people of all ages and speeds.

I focus on each runner's individual needs and build a schedule upon that and their feedback. I don't believe in a "one size fits all" model. My goal is to build a training program that is perfect for YOU. Message me to learn more on how a personalized plan can help you make a jump in your running!