Frequently Asked Questions

+ What does it mean to have a TWB Coach?

All of our athletes have a coach who is fully invested in their success, not just sending stock training plans. TWB runners get a training plan update EVERY WEEK, with complete customization for their particular running goals. But it’s more than just the training plans. Your coach will answer all of your questions as they come up and will review and adjust your training if needed. TWB runners also become part of the TWB Community, which includes access to private online social groups as well as discounts from some vendors who we have negotiated deals with for the team. So you are really getting both a coach and a team of motivated and supportive runners who are spread all over the world but share the same passions as you.

+ How does Personal Coaching Work?

After sign-up you will recieve a phone call at your specifified time to go over YOUR training, goals, schedule, and how TWB can be a part of that schedule. From there your coach will craft an individualized training schedule that will adapt to your feedback and progress

+ What does Team Wicked Bonkproof even mean?

What started off as a joke with some friends turned into a personality. Even if it may sound goofy the idea of being different is something

+ Is contact really unlimited?

Yes, contact is unlimited as we understand life circumstances come your way when you least expect it!

+ Is there a contract?

We do require a 3-month commitment because we know any coach/athlete relationship takes some time to develop and perfect. After that, payments are due for each month in advance and you can cancel anytime. We also offer discounts for longer commitments.

+ How many days a week do I have to run?

We don’t have a “standard” approach or schedule, so the number of running days varies from person to person. Some people on the team run every day, others run a few days a week. Every training schedule is customized for the individual runner, their training history, and their goals.

+ What about strength training?

We have developed several routines for the team that are focused on building run-specific strength and mobility. Many of our athletes also choose to supplement with traditional strength training.

+ How do I recieve my training plans?

We can deliver your training plans in a simple spreadsheet or via TrainingPeaks.

+ I am a new runner. am I too slow to be on the team?

NO! We work with runners of all experience levels from those training for their first 5k to those training for 100+ mile races. If you’re a runner who wants guidance to achieve any personal goal, we will accept and support you

+ Do I have to post all of my training online?

Since we work primarily online, you will need to post your training somewhere that your coach can review. Some teammates post their training publicly to Strava or Garmin Connect while others share their training privately with only their coach through TrainingPeaks or manual spreadsheet updates. Your coach will work with you to find the right solution to balance privacy and regular review of your training.

+ Do people on the team ever meet-up in person?

Yes, we do plan meetups for big races and many teammates have informal training groups in their local areas. When you’re on TWB, you become part of a community that will be right around the corner just about everywhere you might train and race. We even put together teams for relays and other events from time to time.

+ I Don't have a fancy GPS watch. Is there anything I need to buy?

We are happy to work with runners who would prefer to go “low tech.” While most people train with GPS watches today, we don’t think that they are necessary for success and we believe strongly that all runners should be able to run by feel and without technological assistance. We can work with whatever equipment you’ve got, even an old-school Timex!

We do recommend a few inexpensive items for core/flexibility work: A stretching rope, a medicine ball or kettlebell, and a foam roller