Frequently Asked Questions

+ What does Team Wicked Bonkproof even mean?

The name started as a joke with some friends. But within the joke, there is meaning. The name is meant to be for our whole team letting us know that while we're serious and we want to do better we're relaxed and wanting to have a good time.

Wicked- It's silly but we treat our group with a fun intensity for getting better. By helping keep it light helps us keep everything loose and relaxed

BonkProof - We practice our training against the dreaded "bonk" that doesn't mean we never hit the wall. But our focus of training is to keep you running well late in a marathon

+ What does it mean to have a TWB Coach?

It means having a coach who is fully invested in their success. TWB runners get a custom training plan update every week. But, it’s more than just training plans. Your coach answers all of your questions and reviews your training and makes adjustments as needed. Having a TWB coach also means being a part of the TWB Community, including access to our group of motivated and supportive teammates. We also negotiate discounts with some vendors for special deals for our team.

+ How does Personal Coaching Work?

After signing up, we will call you at your specified time to talk about your training, goals, schedule, and how we can help you. Then, your coach will craft an individualized training schedule. As we work together to achieve your goals, we will adapt your schedule based on your feedback and progress.

+ Is contact really unlimited?

Yes, and we love hearing from our athletes!

+ Is there a contract?

We require a 3-month commitment because it takes time for a coach-athlete relationship to develop. After that, payments are due monthly and you are free to cancel anytime. We offer discounts for longer commitments.

+ I am a new runner. am I too slow to be on the team?

No! TWB members have a variety of experience levels – from training to their first 5k to training for ultra-marathons. Whether you are a new or experienced runner – no matter the speed – we welcome you to the team.

+ How many days a week do I have to run?

We do not have cookie-cutter training plans, and that includes how many days per week you run. Some people run every day, others a few days each week. The most important thing is having a training schedule that matches you, your life, and goals.

+ How do I recieve my training plans?

We deliver your training plans in a spreadsheet or via TrainingPeaks.

+ Do I have to post all of my training online?

You will need to post your training somewhere that your coach can review it. Some post their training publicly on Strava or Garmin Connect; others share their training privately through Training Peaks or a spreadsheet. Your coach will work with you to find a solution you are comfortable with.

+ I Don't have a fancy GPS watch. Is there anything I need to buy?

We are happy to work with runners without a GPS watch and we do not think they are necessary to meet your goals. We recommend having some inexpensive items for core and mobility work: a stretching rope, a medicine ball or kettlebell, and a foam roller.

We do recommend a few inexpensive items for core/flexibility work: A stretching rope, a medicine ball or kettlebell, and a foam roller

+ What about strength training?

We developed several strength and mobility routines that are running specific. Many of our athletes choose to supplement this with traditional strength training.

+ Do people on the team ever meet-up in person?

Yes, we plan meet-ups for big races, and occasionally put together teams for relays and other events. Many teammates have informal training groups in their local areas.