Plans and Pricing

Personal Coaching

Our most common plans are personalized schedules which provide accountability and experienced knowledge to help you reach your target goal!

Gold Package- $129.00

This plan is perfect those who are looking for a personalized schedule from experienced coaches so you never have to worry about what to do next or worry about if you need a schedule change

This plan includes:

  • A training plan individualized every week that includes running, strength, and cross training

  • Your choice of a team singlet or tech tee

  • Team discount codes for select gear and nutrition vendors

  • Team branded core and warm-up routines

  • Access to your coach at anytime

  • Access to TWB’s Community 

Premium Package - $179.00

This plan is best suited for the runner who is looking for more specialization. This plan includes:

  • All benefits with the Gold package

  • A bi-weekly summary of what’s coming up next and why you’re doing it.

  • Inspirational reads, quotes, nutritional/meal tips

  • Gait analysis

  • Individualized Core routines built around your biomechanics

  • Monthly video chat sessions if you so choose

If you’re looking for something a little bit different we also offer different services.

Custom Training Plans-

Starting at $20/ week

You name the race and goal time. We’ll write your plan.

These plans are fully customized for each individual runner, based on their goal and running history. The plan will also be tailored to your schedule and can include any tune-up races you have planned along the way. This a great option for runners who are self-motivated but want some structure and variety in order to meet their next big goal. Pricing depends on the length of the training cycle.

Group Training Plans

Starting at $10/ week per person

For groups training for a race or event.

The group can choose to have a single plan for everyone to follow, or plans can be adjusted for group members with various time goals. Pricing depends on the group size, training plan length, and levels of customization.

Training Consultations

Starting at $50/ session

For individuals needing direction, or a training plan check-up.

If you like to create and manage your training plan but need to make sure you’re on track, we offer sessions to review and adjust your training. These sessions can be over the phone, in person, or video conferencing. Pricing dependent upon the length of the consultation session and training plan.

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