Ryan Thompsen


"In the summer of 2017, I had a 5K race that I ran well over 16 minutes. It was my slowest all-out effort at the distance in six years. I contacted Johnny to help me prepare for a spring 5000m. I wanted to PR again, badly.
Johnny structured workouts that were tailored specifically for me, to be run by me, and to make me feel successful. He frequently checked in with me about what he felt would be an adequate effort in each repetition of a workout that he believed would meet the goal of the session. He personalized every detail of my training to fit my needs, including weight training sessions, which I'd never had personalized for me before.
At races, Johnny frequently called or emailed to ask how I was feeling, if I was nervous, or if he would let me know why that race would go well due to a particular workout addressing an aspect of the race I was running. After working with me for just 10 weeks, I PR'd in the 3000m indoors by nearly 10 seconds. Outdoors, he helped me shave almost 70 seconds off of my previous 5000m time from before my marathon to a 15:04!