Team Tuesday: Ryan Taylor


After a couple of weeks hiatus, Teammate Tuesday is back!

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This week we are profiling teammate Ryan Taylor who joined TWB in January of this year. Ryan reached out to join after he had a couple of marathon attempts this past fall and his plans of a fast race were derailed by injury. Since joining the team and being careful coming off the injury, Ryan came within 20 seconds of his PR to a tune of 71:17 at the NYC Half Marathon(Which is a course that sees a lot of elevation change). Ryan was recently selected to run in the U.S 1/2 Marathon Championships where he will racing against some of the fastest runners in the country. Ryan has been a blast to work with and has a never say never attitude when it comes to running. How long have you been a runner? What got you started?  I’ve been running for 12 years! Got started in high school and enjoyed it! Managed to have some talent in the sport then continued onto college! Do you have a running Hero/Idol? If so, whoand why?  Parker Stinson! We are around the same age and just always followed him at Oregon. Loves how he just grinds through each race no matter what people say about his strategy. What's on your running bucket list?  Qualify for the Olympic trials What thing/things are you most proud of as a runner?  Completing the Boston Marathon 2018 after getting hypothermia with 5k to go. What is something that has NOTHING to do with running that people should know about you?  Got a chance to go to Spain on a high school trip! One of the coolest trips I’ve been on in my life. If you're looking for your chance to be featured in a TWB Teammate Tuesday? Reach out to Coach Caleb or me for your chance to be detailed! Train Well, Johnny